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The Signs Getting Dumped Reaction


Aquarius - will tell their friends that you were not the right person anyways because you couldn’t carry on an intellectual conversation if your life depended on it, you were clingy, jealous and wanted a commitment and that’s the complete opposite of what attracts an Aquarian.

Pisces – will hit the couch and drift off into a spiritual fantasyland where they’ll create a dramatic scenario of why, why, why it didn’t work out because they are the most sensitive of all zodiac signs.

Aries – will just brush it off and say that the excitement and thrill was gone anyways.  They’ll be off on their next adventure and pretend everything is great because they rarely show their insecurity to anyone.

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Psychology Blog (Neurolove/psych-facts): 8 Myths about Happiness


1. I don’t deserve to be happy.

2. It’s selfish to want to be happy, or to prioritise your own happiness.

3. Others will find me irritating, and won’t want to be around me.

4. If I’m happy something bad will happen.

5. People will think I am superficial or…

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I’ve been thinking

About you a lot.
Funny how a lot could just mean a lot.
It’s fucking killing me.

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Same here


Same here

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I’d love for the person that said they knew me in high school. I’m quite curios to see who you are

Ask me anything Wed, Nov. 14, 2012
Anonymous Asked:
Hey. Stop being depressed. I went to school with you at one point... and had a huge crush on you. You have a gorgeous smile. So, do it more. I sometimes miss spending what little time I did with you. So please be happy. You're beautiful.

Who is this? You don’t know half of my life

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